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Cancer Moon wants to get married because it wanted to be married. Virgo Moon will get married when it knows that it has found someone who will work with them to create the perfect life.

Cancer & Libra: Love Compatibility

It will probably be an intimate affair and not too extravagant. After all, they have a house, a family, and a life to save up for. They know that the work is just beginning, and marriage is the first step on a long road. Cancer Moon and Virgo Moon may not be nearly as boring as they seem. But they are kind of boring.

This is a masterful ballet of emotions. Cancer Moon is more likely to be the more emotionally demonstrative of the two.

It wants what it wants, and if it doesn't get it, it cries out, like a baby. Virgo Moon probably comes to Cancer Moon's assistance once or twice, but then afterward, it lets Cancer Moon cry it out. After all, what Virgo Moon knows is that Cancer Moon actually wants to cry out and stamp their feet and yell and let all their emotions out. These two will grow old together, sit on the porch, and watch the world go by.

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Life will be very predictable, and very secure. These are two people in it for the long haul. Virgo Moon wants to succeed at keeping something alive, like a marriage or Cancer Moon , and Cancer Moon wants someone to take care of and someone to take care of them.

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You'll know what day of the week it is by whatever they're having for dinner or what chores need to be done. You'll know what holiday it is by which relatives they're visiting or which family dinner they're making. If you're not Virgo Moon or Cancer Moon, you're probably snoring. But this excites them.

All this routine is the sign of a calm and prosperous life. Even if it is boring.

Cancer - Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer Moon loves sex because it reinforces the emotional bond. Virgo Moon loves sex because it helps them calm down. Virgo Moon is actually quite sensual, and sex fills up all its senses. It is a technically proficient lover, and it gives what the other one wants.

A 21st Century Cancer Man

Cancer Moon wraps Virgo Moon up in a sexual ambience to fill up the senses, with wine, music, candles, and a soft bed. The creation of a fantasy space far away from the world helps Virgo Moon lighten up. And when Virgo Moon lightens up, it opens up. Virgo Moon can be kind of freak in bed, given the right partner. It either needs absolutely cleanliness, or it gets off on dirtiness.

It likes to play doctor and cops and robbers, and all sorts of role- playing between unequal parties. People with cancer sign are very moody type but very honest and responsible person. They remain loyal to their partner and care the emotions and feelings of partner. They are not a good decision maker in love relations.

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Great and positive changes occur in their life after the marriage. They are not stable minded in love matters. Aries and Cancer Love relationship is a union of fire and water and therefore, full of challenges, dynamism and not very easy for long life stability. Both are stubborn and inflexible for one another.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

This relationship needs hard work, understanding, and a mature outlook for their family in order to get a success. If both are ready to make this relationship a success both need to become flexible for one another and learn from each other as both composite entirely opposite traits. Aries and Cancer Compatibility for Intellectual bonding Grade: 5. What does your name mean?

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