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You were born on the Cusp of Energy, and you're a youthful, social spirit! On this cusp, you feel the influence of both friendly, sensual Venus Taurus' ruling planet and quick and outgoing Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini -- this makes you quite the socialite! This combination of energies allows you to make friends easily and maintain great relationships. You're loving, clever, and talkative, often making you the most popular person in the room. Earth Taurus meets Air Gemini on the Cusp of Energy, and it's quite a dust storm of activities that you're kicking up.

Depending on the situation, you can be both stable and flexible, helping you adapt easily and find enjoyment wherever you are. You've got the stamina to do it all, then do some more! Conversation comes easy for you and you thrive in social settings. Whether you're meeting someone for the first time or having a deep talk with your best friend, you can always think of something interesting to say and something fun to do.

You crave a good night out. Going to delicious restaurants, fun concerts, or on a hot, passionate date is what life is all about. But watch out for those late nights! Burning the candle at both ends just might get the best of you.

2 Ways Your Relationship Will Change In 12222, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Yet it's true, you're a ball of energy, but you're not invincible. If you've been longing for change in the love department, expect something different to come your way. Because as astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle, is going to be an interesting year for love. Each year brings us the opportunity to learn and grow.

For signs like Aries, Libra, and Pisces, is all about learning how to balance your relationship with some lucky breaks on the career front. For others, like Cancer and Leo, it's all about learning how to work with your partner in order to overcome the challenges life will throw at you.

SAGITTARIUS Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

Then there are the lucky ones like Gemini and Virgo who can expect to have a really good time next year. The planets are constantly shifting, so regardless of what sign you are, you can expect to see some changes in your love life. Here's how your relationship is going to change in , according to your zodiac sign.

Now, there's nothing wrong with working hard. But if you want to keep your relationship strong and intact this upcoming year, finding a little more balance is key. That's pretty important to keep in mind throughout the year since Vedic Astrologer, Griffin Damron tells Bustle, "The planet that controls your fifth house of romance changes signs each month. If you've been feeling like love has been less than stellar for you Taurus, expect to experience some pretty interesting changes next year.

According to Stardust, you'll be falling in and out of love all throughout In , Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and optimism, will move through your eighth house, which relates to your partner's assets and family. Because of that, Damron says that you will likely find that your partner is raking in a lot more money this year. If you're married, your in-laws will also see similar success. There's good news for you Gemini. Love is about to get new and exciting in the new year.

According to Stardust, you'll be more inclined to commit to just one person, "even with the potential drama they'll bring into your life. Other than that, Jupiter is transiting through your seventh house of partnerships. So relationships are going to take on a "pleasant optimism" this year, Damron says. You can even expect your partner to start acting like your guru this year. If you've been experiencing some power struggles in your relationship lately, Stardust says it may persist in It will make you feel like you need to hold on to your relationship for dear life until you sort through the issues you have, which isn't hard since you are the crab after all.

But holding on too tight is never really the answer. Instead, Stardust says, "Use this year to transform how you love, not the relationship. Aries: Coming on too strong, too quickly. Taurus: Getting too comfortable, too quickly. Gemini: Talking about your relationship and leaving nothing sacred. Cancer: Treating your partner like a parent or child.

Virgo: Seeing your partner as a work in progress.

Anil Ambani Horoscope Analysis | Know What Is Next For Him

Libra: Telling people what they want to hear, even if it's not true. Sagittarius: Never wanting to make a commitment. Capricorn: Mistaking duty or responsibility for love. Pisces: Indulging your Cinderella complex or someone else's. Source: Kelli Fox via TheAstrologer. Virgo is not naturally inclined to becoming a millionaire, but that doesn't mean this humble sign can't become rich.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Virgo is most skilled at providing a service, and often find fortune in hobbies turned side gigs. But generally, the Virgin strives for perfection, not necessarily worldly success, and is most likely to become a millionaire by working with someone who is the face of the operation while they act as the brains. Luxury-loving Libra spends money as fast as they make it, meaning they are unlikely to become bona fide millionaires of their own accord.

Libra also tends to be too generous, which stems from a desire to be liked by everybody. Try as they might to keep track of their money, something always comes up and towards the end of the month you can be sure Libra's bank balance is dwindling. The good news is when Libra helps someone with a loan or spends their money on others, it makes them happy. Try as they might, Libra struggles to keep track of their finances and by the end of the month their bank balance is likely dwindling stock image.

The master of investment, Scorpio knows how to take a calculated risk and reads even the most aloof individuals like a book. Scorpio is more likely than most other star signs to become a millionaire, if that's what they really want, and when Scorpio wants something, they'll die before giving up. You're also likely to find wealth in lucrative 'hidden' and 'dirty' businesses like waste management and crime scene cleanup. Sagittarius is more likely to make their fortune at an older age or through the guidance of an older person, because they see youth as a time for exploration and experience.

Known as the lucky sign, Sagittarius could strike it rich out of sheer luck or by catching a trend at the right moment. Whether a Sagittarius sticks around long enough to capitalize on their enthusiasm is another thing, but natural luck usually saves them in the end.

Capricorn is the second most likely sign to become a millionaire, and it would be first if the world was a meritocracy. A born CEO, struggling financially is not an option for determined Capricorn who is well suited to building an empire through investments and wise financial decisions. It may take years of great effect, but Kelli said Capricorn will achieve whatever they intend to and never rub it in anyone's face. Aries would be well served to stop and examine whether the fight is worth the effort it will take,' Kelli said.