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Similarly, with our predictions regarding your married life, you will remain in the know, about what is yet to happen and will be able to navigate through anything bad that comes your way, easily dodging it thanks to your previous knowledge. In the same vein, your today's horoscope also contains information and predictions on your love life, helping you keep everything between you and your beloved good.

The purpose of AstroCamp is to give you the exact and correct predictions, which is why our astrologers make every calculation by closely studying the movements and placements of planets and nakshatras with your zodiac sign as the base. Only after being very sure of their computations do they share these predictions with you. In this process, our astro experts study the charts in order to retrieve information about each and every important aspect of your life and explain the possible remedies for any issues that may crop up in your daily life.

Special Services For YouOn our website, you can find each and every kind of information about numerous other astrological topics along with your daily horoscope. In addition to that, if you are facing any issues in your life and you are looking for an astrological solution to the same, then you can directly approach our learned astrologers through phone consultation and talk to them.

Furthermore, you can get reports for important aspects of your life generated on astrocamp.

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Take advantage of Yantra with assurance of AstroSage. Yantra to pacify planets and have a happy life.. Best quality Rudraksh with assurance of AstroSage. Today's Horoscope. Planetary aspects are a function of desire, while sign aspects are a function of awareness and cognizance. Astrology has been rejected by the scientific community as having no explanatory power for describing the universe. Scientific testing of astrology has been conducted, and no evidence has been found to support any of the premises or purported effects outlined in astrological traditions.

Astrologers in Indian astrology make grand claims without taking adequate controls into consideration. Saturn was in Aries in , and , yet the astrologer Bangalore Venkata Raman claimed that "when Saturn was in Aries in England had to declare war against Germany", ignoring the two other dates. Predictions by the head of the Indian Astrologers Federation about war between India and Pakistan in also failed. In , when several planets happened to be close to one another, astrologers predicted that there would be catastrophes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves.

This caused an entire sea-side village in the Indian state of Gujarat to panic and abandon their houses. The predicted events did not occur and the vacant houses were burgled.

In one test, 27 Indian astrologers, with the appropriate horoscopes, failed to determine the intelligence difference between neurotypical and mentally disabled children at a rate higher than that determined by chance alone in a double blind test. The astrologers had, on average, 14 years experience. A team of astrologers from one astrologers' institute also performed at chance expectation. The president of the Maharashtra Astrological Society claimed to be able to predict sex and intelligence 60 per cent of the time each, but he performed no better than chance in double blind conditions.

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This article needs attention from an expert in Astrology. Please add a reason or a talk parameter to this template to explain the issue with the article. WikiProject Astrology may be able to help recruit an expert. November Further information: Indian astronomy. See also: Astrology and science. Main article: Astrology and science. India portal Hinduism portal. Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved 6 July Astronomical Society of the Pacific. May Personality and Individual Differences. To optimise the chances of finding even remote relationships between date of birth and individual differences in personality and intelligence we further applied two different strategies.

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The first one was based on the common chronological concept of time e. The second strategy was based on the pseudo-scientific concept of astrology e.

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Sun Signs, The Elements, and astrological gender , as discussed in the book Astrology: Science or superstition? Yano, Michio. The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism. Malden: Blackwell.

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