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Try to do the same where a false fear you might be nurturing in a very unfounded and unnecessary way is concerned, too! Keep the pace as long as possible; you'll be able to sustain the fire and ignite enthusiasm for others. Travel figures prominently in your spring break plans.

Springtime is your time. Delegate smaller tasks as a more solid plans surface. Your Aprils 5th New Moon shines on a new you. Venus enters your sign April 20th — love is all around you. Set your intentions around what you value most. Summer begins a shift in your consciousness as you seek closure and release old ideas about wrong and right.

Keep only that which brings you joy, let the rest go. Autumn sees you building rather than burning bridges. Pressure is building, but you meet it with compromise. Winter is a time of repair and restoration. You achieve balance in your life even as you expand your horizons! Try it Now Unlock the full power of your horoscope. Get an Astrology Reading A tarot card reading can reveal even more about your life. Available Astrology Readers. Chat Schedule. Megan x New! I'm ready to uninstall this app!

Some days it gives a daily reading, but more likely to be excluded! Mohd Faiz I like it It just doesnt work anymore.. Audrey Burgess I love the layout of the app very easy to read. Simple, and to the point.

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The only horoscope app I've tried. A Google user Only March is working no other months is responding except compatibility but not single month or daily or weekly none of the other 11 months is working why. Dissatisfied on It never opens. The weekly is fine but the daily never opens. Lucy Mazur Not good and not enough variety fir all.

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A Google user It never opens. Daniel Ramirez The same thing for most of the day"s the rest is are pride to secseed. Meaningful d3Mercury in GeminiYou are a lover who likes to talk about their sexual needs and desires. You are not likely to dwell on any oneaspect of lovemaking too long. Talk during sex helps to guide and clarify what is going on and avoids wastedtime on sex that you do not find exciting. Your mouth and mind are extra instruments of your sexual pleasure. Hopeful d 11thMercury in the 11th HouseYou aspire to have, and enjoy, the finest - not for just a night, but forever.

You are keen to learn and acquireskills that enhance your technique as a lover and your ultimate pleasure is in cherished and friendlyrelationships that endure. Limitless aasss d yhMercury Sextile JupiterYou have a boundless imagination that is capable of positive and determined action. You're likely to besensible about what's suitable to indulge in - but also open to all suggestions. Inspired assss d eKMercury Trine UranusYou're imaginative when it comes to lovemaking, likely to try anything to make it happen and content to let itall hang out. You know and say the right thing even in the throws of passion.

Intimate Lover for Angelina JolieWhat you value and need mostHow you express your emotions within personal relationships.

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Devotion f4Venus in CancerYour passions are not easily or quickly fulfilled; you must have just the right setting for you to dissolve into thearms of your lover. You crave devotion and enveloping love that is all consuming, otherwise, those achingdesires and your desperate need for love will not be satisfied. Twelfth HouseForces that are beyond your control; a higher power or ideal. Mysterious f 12thVenus in the 12th HouseYour true desires are a mystery; time and care is needed before committing to a love affair.

You enjoy privacyin order to explore the boundless depths of passion, love, pain, anguish and torment that for you, somehow,are exquisitely merged. You're drawn to secret affairs but you shouldn't take them too seriously. Unconventional aaaaa f rKVenus Square UranusYour far-out needs are hard to satisfy and even when they're fulfilled they don't live up to your expectations.

You're a prisoner of sex - with bars and locks of own making. Intimate Lover for Angelina JolieThe driving force of Angelina's sexualityYour sex drive and stamina and the way you assert yourself and express your desires. Energetic g1Mars in AriesYou are a lover who is good at making speedy and decisive moves.

انجمن حمایت از حقوق مردان - تظاهرات مردم بغداد بر علیه ذکری علوش، شهردار فمینیست بغداد

You have a highly intense energy level,which can spurt rather hot and quickly, but you can just as easily fade as fast as you came. You are very easilyaroused and can be just as easily satisfied. You need to practise slowing down so you can give your partnerthe full measure of lingering satisfaction that is yours to give them. If you cannot do it the first time, savesome in reserve for next time you make love to them - and make it soon!

Adventurous g 9thMars in the 9th HouseAn impressive performer, of that there's no doubt, but you can at times be a little lacking in the refinementdepartment.

Try to cultivate a mutual understanding, creativity and flair with your lover so that your sex lifecontinues to flourish and freedom of expression is maintained. Well equipped assss g qhMars Conjunction JupiterMore than equipped for the task you're capable of a long lasting commitment. Lofty aspirations make you agenerous and enthusiastic lover who enjoys sex to the full.

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Inhibited assss grjMars Square SaturnYou need to have belief and confidence in your ability to succeed and persevere with your tendency to give uptoo soon. You must make up your mind about what it is that you desire and then go for it. Mysterious aaaaa g elMars Trine NeptuneYou possess an inexplicable quality that both enthrals and attracts, enveloping your partner with anunidentifiable burning passion that is difficult to be dissuaded from. Uncontrollable urges aaass gw;Mars Opposition PlutoYou're unable to your control desires; to the point where care should be exercised and both partners madeaware of your leanings towards the enjoyment of rough sex.

Intimate Lover for Angelina JolieAngelina's capacity and desire for lovemakingYour sense of fun, optimism, generosity and what you believe in most. Original h1Jupiter in AriesYou are full of original ideas about lovemaking that swell up to the surface from within you quickly andspontaneously.

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These bursting urges require your lover's immediate attention and furtive fulfilment. You arenot likely to wait for your lover's approval, or want to discuss details, but are more likely to dive in directly,plunging into the thick of things to get fluids flowing before moving on to your next manoeuvre.

Sparkling h 9thJupiter in the 9th HouseIdeally sex should be an adventure that opens the mind as well as the body to new and brighter horizons. Good quality sex signifies development, a different approach, if not partner , bringing new pleasures withinreach. Enough's enough aaaaa hrjJupiter Square SaturnPushing things beyond their boundaries can lead to unplanned predicaments. The result? One night stands,awkwardness and confusion could become the norm. Flights of fancy assss h elJupiter Trine NeptuneYour imagination is never ending and your lofty romantic aspiration encompasses all.

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Mutual understandingof each other's feelings will be required to achieve your dreams. Intimate Lover for Angelina JolieAwkwardness or inhibitionsYour sense of responsibility and lessons you have to learn. Self expression j4Saturn in CancerYou may find it difficult to express your feelings openly. Your lover may find you to be somewhat reserved andlacking real emotion, but this is rarely the case. Your feelings run deeper than most, but you do not revealthem until you are sure that they will not be rejected or ridiculed.