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They can initiate, but their true gifts emerge when they're able to sink deeply into an ongoing project.

Fire, Earth, Air & Water Signs: The Elements of Astrology

The fixed signs have a remarkable ability to persevere, and often they're models of solo productivity. They enjoy those peak moments of achievement but seem most at home with themselves when immersed in a sustained, worthwhile, challenging pursuit. Each of the fixed signs creates stability through the vehicle of their element. For fixed fire Leo this can mean a career of self-expression and ongoing respect in their chosen fields.

Understanding the Fixed Signs in Astrology

For fixed water Scorpio , permanence is found through achievement and going deep into the timeless mysteries of the imagination, dreams, primal sexuality. Some water-bearers are dogmatic and even condescending to those that don't "get" their genius. Taurus moves slowly and deliberately and wants to create things that last. The gift of fixed signs is that they can stick with something to the end.

What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Aquarius? Here Are 5 Signs The Water Bearer Vibes With

But it's hard for them to let go, even when something appears to be a lost cause. They're not known for their flexibility and have a harder time with change than the other qualities. On bad days, they can be rigid, stubborn, and petulant. Usually, there's a mix of qualities in a birth chart, so nobody has to bear the weight of all those nasty traits.

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Fixed signs are a marvel when it comes to getting things done. Because of this, they're often able to enjoy success in whatever they set their minds to.

But I've noticed that sometimes it feels empty, and they wonder if it's what they really want to be doing. When they know that they're heading on a path in harmony with they're deeper soul calling, this is when they're at their most powerful.

Aquarius Sign Traits Overview

Updated January 16, These water bearers can become so focused on implementing widespread reform that they neglect their family and friends, gaining a reputation for being aloof and distant in relationships. Aquarians should remember that progress always starts on a micro level, advocating empathy and compassion wherever possible.

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Like Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, the other fixed signs of the zodiac, Aquarius can have a bit of a stubborn streak. In fact, in medical astrology, Aquarius governs the ankles. Aquarian obstinacy stems from strong, righteous conviction, and it's quelled as soon as an Aquarius gets the chance to enact change.

Because these water bearers are so deeply motivated by the spirit of egalitarianism, they enjoy teamwork and participating in communities of like-minded individuals. However, Aquarians also need plenty of space and time on their own to reflect, form ideas, and plan their role in the revolution.

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Ultimately, freedom is of the utmost importance for Aquarians, who view challenges to their independence as power-hungry attempts to control them. To win an Aquarian's trust, don't try to reign in their quirks or keep them from flying their freak flag high — Aquarius thrives on shock value. Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs yours is most compatible with:. By Leah Prinzivalli.