Lunar eclipse february 24 2020 astrology in india

Learn more about how the auspicious transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will affect you. The heavy influence of Saturn with the tail of the shadow snake, Ketu , in a formation called Kala Sarpa Yoga Serpent of Time continues to accelerate karmic cleansing and transformation on a global level. Issues of climate change, political corruption, and general uncertainty have been growing, as outdated systems fall away.

A sense of hopelessness can go hand in hand with intense astrological weather, so take advantage of this auspicious new moon. In dark times, the power of light grows, just as candlelight seems to brighten when the lights go out. The new moon of Diwali glows with an inner light of hope, determination, and gratitude.

To learn more about how these influences affect you, book a Vedic Astrology Reading. Louis Dyer.

KARMIC TRANSFORMATION : Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 24° Capricorn 16th July UT

On Oct 13, the earth will be showered with divinely blessed moonlight. This nourishing full moon exact at pm PT will increase happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment for those who gaze upon it. The full moon falls in Pisces, in the Vedic star of Revati , a nakshatra of nourishment and wealth.

This star's also known for its ability to guide and protect travelers, and under Revati moon lost items are found and stray animals return home. Fasting, meditating, and offering rice and sweet milk to the moon is said to bring success, fulfillment, and true love. Laksmi Devi by Ananda Vdovic. Expansive Jupiter aspects this full moon, adding to its heart-opening and altruistic light. This is an auspicious time to forgive past grievances, donate to charitable organizations, and rescue people or animals in need. Heart-centered Venus and communicative Mercury are also joined in Libra, supporting social gatherings, music, and dance.

On this auspicious Revati full moon, celebrate the people and things that nourish your life. Could you be more open to giving and receiving in life with no strings attached? The source of divine love is always flowing, and it grows the more you give it away. Trump has started the trade war, will not be able to stop it now. Finally, Donald Trump has signed the Executive Order to reunite the separated children with their families. Donald Trump is now trying to do some damage control. In my opinion Donald Trump has done an irreparable damage to the GOP just before the mid term election.

Now the Trump Administration has no plan in place to reunite the separated children with their families. Michael Cohen is close to cutting a deal and flip soon. Republican Congress will quickly exonerate Donald Trump if Mueller Report is released before the mid term election, because both the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans and there is no one in the Republican Party who can stand up against Donald Trump.


In my Trump astrology predictions I had indicated that June, July, August and September this year are going to be very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump and United States. There are better ways to enforce the immigration laws of the country. Donald Trump is simply trying to show his toughness on immigration laws to his base before the mid term election.

One third of the country will not believe literally anything they see negative about Trump. The Trump — Russia investigation has already entered the inner circle of Donald Trump with the arrest of Paul Manafort.

Michael Cohen and Roger Stone may be arrested next. The US economy right now is doing very well, but we are only months away from the next recession. As I have indicated in my Trump astrology predictions, we will be in recession after June , which will continue for couple of years.

North Korea was trying for decades a meeting and a photo op with a US President, now they got one.

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This was a victory for them. Donald Trump badly needed a win to save his Presidency, after alienating US allies in the G7 Summit, and making an unsuccessful attempt to bring back Russia to G7 Summit. Both leaders badly needed a win, so the Trump-Kim Summit went well. American people have not seen the details of the negotiated Deal yet, and the Deal is not yet approved by the Congress. It is always good to talk to people who disagree with you.

It is good that Donald Trump talked to the North Korean Leader, to diffuse the tension between two countries. I hope the deal that Donald Trump negotiated works, but we will know during the Saturn and Ketu conjunction after June if the Deal will work or not. Donald Trump is very unpredictable, if the Deal fails due to some reason, North Korea refuses to give up Nuclear weapons or Trump feels insulted, it can still lead to a conflict with North Korea in the last 6 months of It will be a big setback for Trump if Manafort is found guilty, and he ends up cutting a deal with the Special Prosecutor.

All these events should take place by end of August, because releasing Mueller Report too close to the mid-term election can be seen by American people as influencing the mid-term election. We may have to wait until the beginning of , if the Mueller Report is not released by end of August this year.

In my opinion the Mueller Report will have some very damaging information, that will change these numbers.

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Certainly, Donald Trump will be few steps closer to impeachment by the end of August this year. Donald Trump thinks "trade wars are good, and easy to win". Economy is doing fine right now. In my opinion we are about 12 months away from the next recession. Trump Is going to abuse Pardons to keep Russia witnesses quiet. We are approaching the challenging months of June, July, August and September this year, due to Ketu and Mars conjunction in Capricorn sign for four months.

Also, there are two eclipses in July, a Solar eclipse on July 13th and a lunar eclipse on July 27th. These are very challenging months for Donald Trump, as I have mentioned in my astrology predictions for Donald Trump. The months of July and August this year will be more intense for Donald Trump. I see the following scenarios during this period. The Trump — Russia investigation could come to some closure during this period. We have also seen that Donald Trump is now fighting battles on so many fronts. It seems like the Trump — Russia investigation is coming closer to Donald Trump.


Donald Trump is not going anywhere until summer of The months of June, July and August this year will be very challenging months, when Trump may try to fire Mueller. We may see some more indictments in the Trump Russia investigation during this period as well. US stock market slides as China retaliates to Trump tariffs. Amazon shares dropped 5.

12222 Eclipse Charts

Donald Trump has tweeted about the e-commerce giant multiple times in recent days, spurring a big decline in the stock. Amazon shares are down more than 10 percent in the past week. We are about 12 months away from the next recession. This was my prediction given on January 20th last year. I had mentioned number of times in my Trump astrology article that Republican Congress is not going to impeach Trump, no matter what happens.

I want to remind everybody that I had predicted global recession after summer of in my Trump astrology article. The economy is doing fine right now, but some mistakes will be made between now and summer of that will lead us to global recession. One such mistake would be tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that Donald Trump is planning to impose, that could prompt fears of trade war. People are wondering when the meeting between Donald Trump and Robert Mueller will take place.

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius November 4

But, in my opinion there may not be a meeting, Special Prosecutor may not need a meeting with Donald Trump. Robert Mueller is going to move forward with the Trump — Russia investigation, step by step, with a plan that no one knows. There will be more indictments. This is the important astrology prediction.