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The two systems have some similarities and some important differences. As you can see, Lilly assigns only two rulers to each triplicity day and night rulers whereas Dorotheus assigns three day, night and participating rulers. Both authors use the classical seven visible planets. In addition, Lilly appears to have eliminated the day and night rulers of the water triplicity and used only the participating triplicity ruler, Mars. In doing so, Lilly almost certainly introduced an erroneous understanding of Ptolemy into the astrology of his time.

Like Lilly, Dariot did not use the participating rulers. William Lilly appears to have selected the domicile ruler of the fixed sign of each triplicity as its principal triplicity ruler by day. The sect of the planets is also of paramount importance. Why would an astrologer grant primary dignity to Mars as a day ruler of the water signs in a diurnal chart in which Mars is the malefic of the contrary sect and capable of such grand maleficence?

Because Scorpio is a member of the water triplicity, Mars has some dignity as a participating triplicity ruler, and this does serve to mitigate its malevolence a bit in a day chart; but Mars remains the malefic of the contrary sect and an extremely problematic planet during daylight hours.

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Well, now what about the simplest and most logical system of triplicity rulers of all: Our buddy Morinus? He uses the planet that has two rulerships in an element as the day ruler. The ruler of the cardinal sign as the night ruler, and the remaining ruler of that element as the triplicity ruler.

For example Fire: The Sun rules the fixed sign Leo and is exalted in the fire sign Aries so he is the day ruler. Mars is the ruler of Cardinal Aries, so he is the night ruler. Earth: Mercury is exalted and rules Virgo, so the day ruler. Saturn is the ruler of cardinal earth, Capricorn and is the night ruler.

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Venus rules fixed Taurus and is the participating ruler. Why not do the last two as well? Air: Saturn rules Aquarius and is exalted in Libra so the day ruler. Venus rules Libra and is the night ruler. Mercury rules mutable Gemini and is the participating ruler. Finally Water: Jupiter rules Pisces and is exalted in Cancer and is the day ruler.

Triplicity Rulers

Moon rules cardinal Cancer so is the night ruler. Mars rules fixed Scorpio. Unlike Lilly, this is not based on sect.

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It is based on the two essential dignities that are superior to triplicity. For Morinus, Astrology was natural. His sytem then is perfectly consistent with his other teachings and determines the third essential dignity not by the weak almost accidental dignity of sect, but with the two more powerful dignities of domicile rulership and exaltation. Hi Tom, Great to hear from you. The more I study astrology, the more impressed I have become with the importance of the idea of sect as a fundamental building block.

For this reason, I tend to favor the Dorothean triplicity rulers over that of Morin. The Dorothean system works quite well. There are different variations in assignment, as follows:. His version of the Terms became popular in the Renaissance, but it seems that nowadays many Traditional astrologers make use of the so called Egyptian Terms. Perhaps I should also mention the so called Chaldean Terms , although I have to state that I am not aware of any practical example in print. Looking at the Faces or Decanates, which are basically ten degree divisions of each sign, we are not aware of any variations throughout Western astrology.

Nevertheless, a variant, which is based on a Vedic decanate system, seems to be currently very popular with Western astrologers. Search for:. These are: Essential Debilities: Detriment and Fall Whereas the assignment of Sign Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall has been constant throughout history, the assignment of Triplicity, Term and, more recently, Face rulers has varied. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel.

They are all significant. Second, the sect distinction is to order the lords of the triplicity.

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This ordering pertains to actual temporal ordering for timing techniques but also a sense of priority or preference. We might consider the first triplicity lord to be the preferred first line of support, wheres the third is the support of last resort. Valens is more ambiguous in his introduction to triplicity the triangles. He introduced them in Book II, Ch.

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Triplicity is explicitly linked to sect in this passage. I have provided extensive quotes from the passage in my lesson on the signs. Next the moon, being near the earth, is allotted the houserulership of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, a triangle earthy in nature and the next in order. It has Venus and Mars as members of the same sect […]. Therefore for night births the moon has preeminence; in the second place is Venus; in the third is Mars.

For day births Venus will lead; the moon will operate second; Mars, third. It is the order and relative importance that changes by day and night. In the next chapter of Book II, Valens laid out how to use the triplicity lords in delineation. He explicitly looked at all three rulers in much the same fashion as Dorotheus. In the same way, if the sun is in the next triangle, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius for day births , it will be necessary to look at Saturn, then Mercury, then Jupiter. The same for the triangle Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: if the sun is there for day births , it will be necessary to look at Venus, then Mars, then the moon, to see if they are at angles.

Having determined all this, then make the prediction. Valens also clarified that a planet is strengthened by being in a sign of its own sect or triangle. Again, this would include Venus in Capricorn in a night chart, for example. If they are in other triangles or in the opposite sect, prosperity will be less and will be subject to anxiety. I explore some of these constant references throughout Valens to sect and triangle as near synonyms in my article on sign sect.

The terms are nearly synonymous because a sign of the same sect as a planet is with only a couple exceptions also a sign in which the planet is a triplicity lord.

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In any case, Valens sees some sort of intrinsic support pertaining to a planet in its own triplicity. This condition is not just applicable if the planet is the first triplicity lord of that triplicity. Sect was used to order them. This ordering pertained to relative importance in terms of support, and in terms of temporal ordering typically with just the first and second used in that matter as beginning and end.

All three triplicity lords were relevant both in the sense of rulership and in terms of evaluating planetary condition. Additionally, a greater number of strong triplicity lords can act to multiply the degree of support shown through triplicity. Triplicity was of great importance to astrologers like Dorotheus and Valens. It was often emphasized more than domicile rulership. The symobolism of triplicity lords reflects the fact that success and opportunities often pertain more to connections than inherent quality or condition.

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