Gemini horoscope for march 6

They possess a sense of destiny regarding their actions. March 6 natives can be involved in the concerns of friends while withholding judgment. They are inspirational and often serve as mentors. Extremely particular, they have a difficult time finding true love. They are perfectionists who care about beauty. The men and women born on March 6 feel connected to their childhood. This is not necessarily a positive; the ties could be irreconcilable differences between family members that continue into adulthood.

Gemini Daily Horoscope for March 6

They have a strict side and may be demanding parents. Yet they know how to show affection to their children. People born on this day enjoy indulging their love of fine food and wine and may be quite the epicure.

Action planet Mars connects with dreamy Neptune on March 10, inspiring plenty of creativity and bringing you some interesting dreams, so take note in your dream journal. A top secret project may also be in the works! Mars connects with Saturn and the sun meets Mercury on March 14, making for a productive day—this is also going to be a crucial point during mercury retrograde, so watch out for what information comes your way! Mid-March is super busy for Mercury retrograde, as it will clash with Jupiter on March 15 bringing exaggerations!

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

All the cosmic events taking place now bring you back to February 19 through 23—things are being reworked, reconsidered, and seen from a new point of view. A question to ask yourself this month: Are you still passionate about what you do? Wait until after the retrograde!

Mars connects with Pluto on March 20, stirring up deep, powerful, and private emotions—but this a brilliant time to work through your feelings in therapy or through embodiment practices. Mars and Pluto are the planets of war, but when they work together, we can harness the energy to purge and clear our lives of what no longer serves us. Mercury connects with Saturn on March 20, again finding you thinking back to February 19 and commitments that came up at that time.

Birthday Compatibility (zodiac)

March 20 is also the spring equinox! The sun enters Aries, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your social life, and plenty of drama arrives with the full moon in Libra on this day, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart. You already got a preview of this cycle, from May 15 to November 6, when the side-spinning planet shook up every part of your universe.

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To maximize this transit, release fears of breaking free and be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Let your pioneering spirit blaze forth. The mystical realm is your new playground as high-minded Uranus buzzes into Taurus and your soulful, subconscious twelfth house until This seven-year cycle will stimulate the deepest part of your imagination and sharpen your intuition in unparalleled ways.

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Working with shamans, holistic practitioners and therapists can attune you to new dimensions of self-discovery. With humanitarian Uranus in this compassionate position, use your gifts to heal the world —and not necessarily as a volunteer. Try this title on for size: cultural influencer.

Your popularity and persuasiveness begin trending skyward today as disruptor Uranus embarks on an seven-year trek through Taurus and your house of community and technology. On the contrary!

Visionary Uranus helps your edgiest ideas catch on like wildfire. Collaborating with the right squad is key to your success—so cast a wider net when searching for your dream team. With the new moon in Pisces activating your worldly ninth house today, a global venture could be in the cards.

Birthday Compatibility & Zodiac Horoscope 12222

Could you put a little more soul into your goals, Leo? Today, metaphysical Uranus—the humanitarian of the heavens—launches into Taurus, kicking off a seven-year tour of your career zone.

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  6. For some Leos, this may be matter of minor adjustments: sourcing materials from ethical companies or greening your office. For others, huge changes may be in store, like moving or opening up your own business.