Grand sextile january 14 2020 astrology

Stay calm and work at it. Saturn resumes forward motion on Wednesday the 18th.

The direction shift may bring new life to some stalled projects. Jupiter forms the final of three squares to Neptune at the last quarter Moon of Saturday the 21st. This is the stuff of overly optimistic expectations, misplaced trust and false information. Get your facts straight. It may be several days before progress can be reliably made as mixed trends dominate the week of the 23rd.

The Sun arrives in Libra, signaling the autumnal equinox on Monday the 23rd. For a brief time the forces of darkness and light are balanced.

Focus now on peaceful relations, especially as the Libra new moon on Saturday the 28th emphasizes partnering. Easy does it on the 1st.

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Venus is at odds with Pluto and the planet of transformation is stationed in preparation for turning direct on Thursday the 3rd. Give loved ones and essential allies respect but stand firm against those who make unreasonable demands. A series of planetary sign changes, Mercury into Scorpio, Mars into Libra, and Venus entering Scorpio, add to instability this first week of October. Walk away from no-win situations. A break-up could feel liberating but with Pluto in the mix, obsessive thoughts can be haunting. Look beyond apparent losses and dramas. Trust that room for new opportunities is being created.

Spirits are renewed the weekend of the 19th and 20th. Autumn deepens when the Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday the 23rd.

Astrology of Today – Monday, January 14th, 12222

Moods turn more pensive as the hours of daylight decrease. The Scorpio new moon on Sunday the 27th coincides with a square between Mars and Saturn. This celestial time of new beginnings carries with it a stern reminder from the cosmos. Be sure you know what you want and be willing to work for it. Words have consequences. The next morning Mercury turns retrograde and second thoughts could lead to different opinions and feelings.


Halloween festivities are pleasant but relatively subdued as the Sagittarius Moon travels void of course. The month begins on an upbeat note. Venus pops into cheerful Sagittarius on the 1st. The skies are mostly mellow during the first few days of November. Things grow more heated on Tuesday the 5th, Election Day. The explosive alignment underscores the behind the scenes battles that impact elections at every level, from school committees to national office holders.

On Friday the 8th the Sun sextiles Saturn and trines Neptune. Saturn is also sextile Neptune. If you have a dream, this is the time to make it come true. Discussions remain animated on the 13th. Ideas are visionary, and at the same time, practical. A meeting of hearts or minds may prove elusive on Thursday the 14th when Venus squares Neptune. Watch your valuables. Slow down and pace yourself the second half of Sunday the 17th. The Moon tests Mars and then Uranus, increasing the risk of an accident. Keep the concerns of partners close at heart in the last quarter Moon phase on Tuesday the 19th.

Fortunately, Mercury resumes forward motion on Wednesday the 20th, in plenty of time for the busy holiday travel season. The weekend is socially active.

Planetary Aspect Patterns

Venus is conjunct Jupiter, a celestial green light for parties and other celebrations. However, Mars forms a dangerous opposition to Uranus just before noon on Sunday the 24th. Watch your speed and handle tools, machines and sharp implements carefully. The new Moon in Sagittarius helps make Tuesday the 26th a first-rate travel day. Neptune resumes forward motion Wednesday morning. Weather may well impact travel. Pay attention to news reports and check schedules.

Thanksgiving Day features two magical alignments, a trine between Mercury and Neptune and another trine between Venus and Uranus. Gratitude is contagious. Love abounds as the Moon overtakes Venus during the mid-afternoon.

Friday the 29th is comparatively quiet, with practical concerns paramount as the Moon passes through Capricorn. Be alert Saturday night when a lunar square to Uranus again raises risk levels. Jupiter begins a year-long visit to Capricorn on Monday the 2nd. This is especially good news for Goat clan natives as well as those born under the other earth signs. Expect a lot of discussion about the use of resources during the coming year. Fortuitous aspects make Tuesday the 3rd seem to zip by in a flash. Venus is sextile Mars, igniting flirtations and energizing social encounters.

Faith may be tested on Saturday the 7th. The Sun is at odds with Neptune. Avoid taking risks. Venus and Neptune help turn Sunday the 8th into a fairy tale ending. Exploring events occurring around this time in world history may shed some light as to the nature of this cycle and of the square occuring now. One of the most interesting things I found is that Mayer Amschel Anschel Rothschild February 23, — September 19, , who was the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty and is considered the "founding father of international finance," initiated his career in banking in the time of the Pluto-Eris synod and geocentric conjunction.

The Rothschild family, of course is one of the several families of the oligarchy in control of global finance and the subsequent control of banking, money and politics worldwide, and of the resultant human condition; i. Jacob taught Rothschild about foreign trade and currency exchange, before he returned to his brothers' business in Frankfurt in Jacob took over his father's banking business after his death in References Origins of the Rothschild family business , rothschildarchive.

The French and British were attempting to gain Native American territory, which was a part of the larger imperial war between Great Britain and France. In Europe, the French gained a major victory over the British by taking possession of the island Minorca in the Mediterranean in The war took a turn in as British forces defeated French forces in India.

British armies then invaded and conquered Canada in The repercussions of the Seven Years' war in America led to extreme unrest and resentment with colonists as the British government attempted to impose taxes on colonists to pay for the war.