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Mercury represents the mind, the mental functions. It also has to do with computers, communicating through computers -email, websites, social media etc. Mercury also indicates cell phones, lecturing, gossiping, or simply talking. Mercury is a friendly planet. These people are helpful and need to connect. They create a life based on their connections.

Seeking information is intrinsic to your life. Mercury is charming, jovial and possesses sharp business skills. He has an innate awareness of the markets and is a natural merchant. Mercury is also known as a prince, studious and good at lecturing and is an independent thinker. Giving and receiving information are key traits.

The key things to remember as a Mercury AK are to be truthful in your thoughts and honest when sharing with others. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Remember that not everything is a debate nor a verbal competition. Avoid mind games and resist the urge to dominate conversations. Since Mercury is very mutable, and adapts to the environment that it is in, it is essential to be careful of the company you keep and the environments that you are in. Moon: Having an AK Moon or Chandra in Sanskrit indicates that you are deeply emotional and connect readily to the emotion of others.

Your primary work is to learn the emotions and work with them, not against them and use them, not fight them. Moon AK also indicates a person who is very much connected to the things that moon represents: mother, intuition, land, home, heart, nurturing and compassion.

Secret of Karakas

You are a very caring person and need comfort and support in life in order to feel safe and stable. Family and socializing is central to you.

Karakas In Vedic Astrology | Significators in Vedic Astrology

There may be a tendency to become overly attached to family and friends. Realizing that the whole world is here to support and nurture is a good reminder. The moon is wise and strongly intuitive, has sweet speech and gentle manners but is fickle minded and a hopeless romantic. The moon is merely a reflection of the Sun, so the family dynamics between father and mother are particularly important for these individuals. Likely, though, a moon AK will be more attached to the mother.

Body Parts and Disease Related To Different Planets

If the Sun is not a strong support for the Moon, the Moon cannot thrive. Conflict is extremely uncomfortable for these individuals. Moon people are mutable and change to sync up with their surroundings. It is very important that Moon people keep very good company so that they do not become overburdened with negative emotions.

Being in water, near water and taking long baths is helpful for Moon people to clear negativity.

These people easily and often pick up emotions from the environment during the day that is not their own that throw them off balance. Moon Atma Karaka need to feel comfort and a sense of security in order to thrive. These people are sensitive and feel vulnerable, are easily hurt and damaged. Art and creativity are excellent tools -especially singing for Moon people to uproot the emotions they are connected to. Moon AK individuals are here to learn to nurture and be nurtured, to work with emotion and to expand their compassion and devotional abilities.

4 Quadrants In Astrology (Home body vs Busy Body)

Venus is the planet of beauty, romance, love, passion, creativity, pro-creation, creative life force, relationships, femininity, art and artistry, music. Physically, Venus relates to the reproductive organs. Venus also correlates to the immune system and it is well known that love boosts immunity and gives a new outlook on life.

Art and creativity are another expression of the act of creation. Venus is also water. Water literally gives life- to all expressions of nature. Venus can give rejuvenation and health as a result and is responsible for the life-giving qualities that sustain us. In Vedic lore, it is said that Venus can bring the dead back to life.

When a person is sick or near death, it is the power of love Venus that can cure them and return their health. Vedic lore holds that Venus is a teacher to the demons, literally to those who don't see the light.


Thus, Venus represents our base desires and can be connected to overindulgences as a result. At its worst Venus can create overindulgence and cravings for intoxicants like alcohol, sugar or lust and obsessive need for love. Because Venus is naturally associated with art and creativity, including music and singing, Venus Atma Karaka indicates that the soul is here to learn the elements of creative acts and the creative process.

Beauty is important to you as well as being involved with the act of creating and being creative. Art is naturally an essential tool for learning and growing in this awareness. Venus AK also means you will be navigating sexual impulses and relationships as well. Part of your work will include navigating and controlling your sexual energy, refraining from lust, illegitimate sex and other intoxicating feelings. Working on relationships and being in relation are key concepts for you.

Analyzing Basics – II | The Art of Vedic Astrology

Diplomacy is key. Jupiter is just that, a guru, a teacher, the planet that helps us grow by giving assistance and support. Jupiter fosters harmony, health, wisdom and understanding. You can think of this as a metaphor for good thoughts over bad thoughts. Thus, helping us overcome obstacles in life.

Jupiter is known for bringing luck and wealth by revealing your values you can expand yourself, focus and prioritize. When the Atma Karaka is Jupiter, the soul purpose is expansion. There is a strong affinity for attaining knowledge, growth and increased awareness. Respect the your spouse, father and children as these are the biggest teachers in life. The Sun is responsible for giving light energy so that all things can grow and prosper, however, too much light and the Sun burns and scorches. Sun represents resources and the things we need to survive.

Sun also represents the soul -the light within us that guides our lives. The soul ensures there is life. When the soul is not happy, the body grows sick and dies. In Jyotish, the Sun represents your father, power and authority, respect and rulership. Traditionally, your father to helps to guide his children though-out life. Father is responsible for instilling self-esteem, and ultimately gives the spark of life via his sperm. The Sun reveals your relationship to spirituality by showing you truth.

The Sun is the most consistent planet and sets the pace of time through days, seasons and bio-rhythms. When Sun is the the Atma Karaka, power and authority are important.

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You value and hold deep respect for those who hold high-level or executive positions. These people need to learn lessons about power and authority. Ultimately, power is not everything. He is agreeable to all in dressing and speech and wears green robes. If Mercury is occupied over the 6th, 8th or 12th or it is in sign of debilitation, in these all situations it will be concerned as afflicted and may bestow stammering, poor memory, diverse occupation but unfruitful results, tendency for lying, thieving, scheming, scandal and forgery.

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