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Next time you go in for a hug with your loved-up Leo , linger a while, running your fingers up and down their spine or in little circles. Virgos are the type of people who may genuinely like lower stomach tattoos.

Good news for the Biebs. Why the stomach? In high school, Libra was voted most likely to overuse the peach emoji. This air sign may be down for a little butt play or spanking, but always be sure to ask first. After all, this sensual water sign loves to get wet.

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Saddle up and play close attention to the hips with Sagittarius , a fire sign commonly represented as a centaur pulling back a bow. Massages to the thighs, hips and upper legs could be the quickest way to turn this sign on. Practical as always, Caps are all about those Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, always willing to stand up for what they believe in. Consider sex positions that put you front and center with those areas. Someone is likely to have a foot fetish, and that someone is Pisces. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisceans are believed to absorb all the lessons of the eleven signs that come before them, Kelly said.

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News U. Venus might be the MVP of , but it isn't the only planet to watch. Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus all play a huge role in your relationships, from communication to sex, to having fun and taking initiative, and the structures and belief systems you need to overcome to experience true love. Aries, your boldness and directness in love is admirable.

In , Venus wants you to watch the conclusions you leap to in love and relationships.

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Don't skip straight to the end when so much of the way you experience romance is tied up in the chase. This year, your challenge for love will be over possessions and possessiveness. Try taking stock of your belongings. What do you actually need, and what could you stand to lose? Ask a Cancer what they know about pulling back.

See a Capricorn for advice on how to play the long game. Taurus, you want expressions of love that are nothing short of luxurious. Rooted in the physical world, you struggle with sometimes treating your romantic partnerships like objects to admire and shine. Humans are way too flawed and unchangeable to be like one of your treasured knick-knacks, Taurus.

This is the year when you'll finally learn to trust your intuition. Try talking out your feelings with a Pisces or asking a Scorpio to go on a double date. Gemini, you go everywhere at once and seek variety in your relationships. But sometimes, this leaves you feeling haphazard, anxious, and scattered. Practice relating to your partners less mentally and more physically and emotionally.

You don't just want a chatty companion; you want a provider and someone with whom you can entrust your feelings.

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Invite a Cancer to cuddle. Try adventuring with a Sagittarius. Cancer, Venus is your gift and your curse. It allows your full nurturing nature to blossom but also can cause you to over-attach. There's promise to finding actual peace and security this year with somebody who rocks your world. But if you resort to your old patterns of attachment, it won't work. Your partner cannot be your everything. Ask a Libra how they manage to balance their affections.

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Pay attention when a Taurus shows up. Leo, love is a constant romance to you. You adore being pampered and admired. You've outgrown certain lifestyles, as well as certain relationships. No matter how much you continue to pour your affection into someone, they don't make you feel safe and secure. If you are able to be more generous and honest with how you operate within relationships, then will bring you much opportunity for hard-earned healing and well-won repair.

Distance yourself from Taurus. Let an Aquarius go. Love isn't always practical, Virgo. How do you use work and home life as a barrier to mushy romance?

In what ways does your constant need for purpose prevent you from finding more passion? This is the year where you'll finally be able to set aside your practicality and let love take you on a ride. When Libra asks you out on a date, say yes. Don't let a Sagittarius fool you. Libra, in love, you haven't always been completely straightforward. You don't mean to do your partners wrong, but the constant weighing and judging can be a little damaging over the long run. In , reevaluate the commitments you make. How many times do you say yes just because you think you should?

This is the year when you will start saying no and clearing out more room for your self-love to grow. Keep making time for Capricorn, but also pay attention to Virgo. Scorpio, you are far from superficial, but when love hits you, you have the tendency to skitter away. You might think you're being secretive, but your partnerships notice your sudden disappearances.