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All relationships play a turbulent role for March 22 people. They tend to fall in and out with friends on a regular basis. They are attracted to people who are their mirror opposite, which can create relationship problems. It isn't easy for these people to keep ego issues out of their relationship. They are both passionate and entertaining partners.

The Cusp of Rebirth knows what it wants, and it wants it NOW

March 22 natives enjoy the security of a large family and have a way of bringing distant relatives and even friends into their familial circle. They make eccentric yet caring parents, but they may sometimes seem overbearing. If March 22 people have no children, they have a way of inspiring surrogates from their professional or personal circles.

High-strung and intense, March 22 individuals are workaholics who need to keep a handle on stress if they are to remain healthy. This crystal leads towards prosperity and personal growth, helping with issues that are related to aging and the passing of time. The right birthday gift for someone born on this date is something for their home, or a detail that reminds them just how intimate you are.

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Memories, photographs and colorful approaches to nostalgic values will all be a very good option, as well as kitchen gadgets they have never seen or a weekend out to get in touch with Nature. They wish to form a warm family and their ideal tends to blur the image of reality. Their gift is supposed to prolong the feeling of happiness while at the same time staying close to home, realistic choices, and practical matters.

Warm, compassionate, sensitive and ready to listen, they are helpful yet heroic individuals with high awareness and a big heart ready to take many people in. Running from their emotions, angry, frustrated and unable to express their true Aries nature without hurting someone, they can become a nightmare for those around them if they don't deal with anger and impatience they have been subjected to.


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