Taurus weekly horoscope 22 march

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A creative project should bring great joy this week and will set you off thinking about your own under-used creative talents. If you've ever wanted to set up your own arts or craft business, this would be an excellent time to take the plunge. With Jupiter now in your family zone, it's the ideal time to plan for a baby or to adopt a new pet. You may need more space, so think about moving or extending your existing home.

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These are big, life-changing plans - but so exciting! You have so much knowledge to share - don't keep it to yourself! Writing, publishing, teaching and mentoring are all brilliant opportunities at this time, which should bring personal success as well as a great deal of satisfaction. Jupiter is now in your money zone - and since this is the planet of abundance, that sounds promising! Focus now on ways to expand your income and think big while you're at it. There's so much potential around you! Your mood should lift considerably now that Jupiter is in your own sign, and your enthusiasm is catching.

Spend time this week reaching out to those who are feeling depressed, isolated or lonely. You know that feeling - and you can help. Lots of quiet time is essential now, so try to find time for meditation, visualization, prayer or ritual. It would be an ideal week to go on a spiritual retreat or to spend time in nature, just absorbing the cosmic energies and recharging yourself. Long range planning is a good idea now, especially as your confidence is growing. Think about where you want to be in ten years, five years, one year and six months.

Crucially, plan out the steps to get there too! Everyone wants something from you, leaving you with very little time to yourself. In what time you do have, concentrate on your family, particularly any siblings you have.

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It's a good time to end a feud or to get back in touch. Keep your festive spending under control - a Full Moon in your money zone is linked to an emotional attempt to buy love or friendship.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December, 12222

You know better than this. Stick to your budget and show your love in other ways. A Gemini Full Moon means you want to be the center of attention - and you're likely to get your wish! It's a fantastic time to host a party or to entertain friends and family. You'll shine on a date too, with more than your fair share of admirers! Pay special attention to your dreams, as they bring messages from the cosmos and from your own subconscious. If you struggle to decode them, talk to a like-minded friend who may have insight into what you're experiencing.

Friends lift you up this week and keep you flying high, even if work-related stress threatens to bring you down again. It's a time to cherish those who have supported you this year and to show your gratitude to them. Don't be surprised if you find your career goals changing before your eyes. While everyone winds down for the holidays, the Full Moon encourages you onwards and upwards - it's a good time to get yourself noticed. A sense of restlessness can be stemmed by making some adventurous plans for next year.

Book a vacation with a difference or research the trip of a lifetime.

Even if you can't afford it yet, you can still dream - and dreams can manifest reality. The Full Moon brings sudden insight into an emotional issue which has been holding you back.

Being able to release that feels like a breakthrough, setting you up for a positive year ahead and a whole host of new possibilities. Cut through any bull Keep digging till you get to the truth!

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Mercury-Pluto gives you the courage and sheer stealthiness to go after what you want. Once you put your mind to it By Sunday, the 8 th , Venus sextiles Neptune in Pisces pulling at your heartstrings. Here's your chance to make sweet music with someone special! Are you seeing someone through rose-coloured glasses?

Are you disoriented by all the twinkly lights? Wait a little while before you make your mind up.

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Remember this from 6 March, Uranus returns to Taurus, to remain until - kick-starting a cycle of extensive growth. Disruptive as what arises seems, each change is introducing worthwhile new places, people and ideas.

Taurus - Weekly Horoscope from March 24th to March 30th 2019

While unfamiliar initially, each will add something special, if unexpected, to your life. Because this influences the world around you, the more involved you get, the more you and others will both benefit from and enjoy what will, on reflection, prove to be a wonderfully adventurous chapter of your life. Payment types supported:. Login Register.