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The angles are four cardipoints in the horoscope. The planets in the horoscopic chart are subservient to lagna, and their original nature undergoes modifications depending upon the lagna. The kendras or Quadrants : Houses 1,4, 7 and These are highly significant houses. The panapharas or Successant Houses : Houses 2,5, 8 and The Apoklimas or Cadent Houses : Houses 3,6,9 and The Trikons or Trines : Houses 1,5 and 9. These are highly auspicious and, along with the kendras, determine the health, wealth, status, dignity, rise and virtue or a native.

The lagna being both a kendra and a trikona, is the most significant of all the houses. The Upachayas : Houses 3,6, 10 and These houses indicate struggle, competition and material achievement.

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The Trika Houses : houses 6,8 and These are considered bad houses Duhsthanas. They indicate debt, disease, loss and misery. The Ayu-sthanas or houses of longevity : Houses 8 and 3 8th from the 8th. They indicate the length of life and therefore, also the death.

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The maraka-sthanas or killer houses : houses 2 and 7. The two halves of a horoscope. Houses 1 to 7 indicate the invisible half and houses 7 to 1 indicate the visible half of the horoscope. Houses 10 to 4 indicate the eastern half and houses 4 to 10 indicate the western half of the horoscope. It was observed by the ancient Astronomers that many changes occurred within the 30 degree zones mapped out by the Zodiac.

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