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Interestingly, My Draconic asteroids make significant aspects to my natal. Heisei conjuncts moon, trine mars Heimdal conjunct Juno, Hakone trine Juno Hubble conjunct sun, Hoshi trines sun Kamu conjunct Ascendent Port-e-coelli exactly conjuncts a significant point, well Mars and Eros of a Davison Chart All aspects are two or less, mostly less.

This mostly applies to the second set. In the first set , most importantly my Geruda makes exact conjunction to my Eros, in both Natal and Draconic And also Helga conjuncts Lilith, llse conjuncts Ascendent.

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Llnksy conjuncts Venus. Hmm, this is interesting :O In synastry, Draconic asteroids seem to be more relevant to me as well. Actually very relevant. Make plenty of aspects. How significant do you think this is? IP: Logged. In Egyptian mythology, it is said that it was Ptah who called the world into being, having dreamt creation in his heart, and speaking it, his name meaning opener, in the sense of opener of the mouth.

Indeed the opening of the mouth ceremony, performed by priests at funerals to release souls from their corpses, was said to have been created by Ptah. Atum was said to have been created by Ptah to rule over the creation, sitting upon the primordial mound. In art, he is portrayed as a bearded mummified man, often wearing a skull cap, with his hands holding an ankh, was, and djed, the symbols of life, power and stability, respectively.

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It was also considered that Ptah manifested himself in the Apis bull. Since Ptah was the primordial mound, and had called creation into being, he was considered the God of craftsmen, and in particular stone-based crafts. Eventually, due to the connection of these things to tombs, and that at Thebes, the craftsmen regarded him so highly as to say that he controlled their destiny.

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Consequently, first amongst the craftsmen, then the population as a whole, Ptah also became a God of reincarnation. Since Seker was also God of craftsmen, and of re-incarnation, Seker was later assimilated with Ptah becoming Ptah-Seker. Ptah-Seker gradually became seen as the personification of the sun during the night, since the sun appears to be re-incarnated at this time, and Ptah was the primordial mound, which lay beneath the earth.

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Consequently, Ptah-Seker became considered an underworld deity, and eventually, by the Middle Kingdom, become assimilated by Osiris, the lord of the underworld, occasionally being known as Ptah-Seker-Osiris. Focus point through which we connect with the Mother in the Divine energy, the point where spiritual birth or rebirth can be accessed and experienced. Posts: From: With my pr. Sun conj. Where did you see, hear or read about Huya relating to this?

Mythologically he's listed for the rain for the most part, hunting and Pulowi the mate, but I haven't seen anybody tie him to healing past lives. It'd be interesting if that was part of the deal though, of course, and all the more since he's on my Sun. Waters to wash things away or what? There are others but the connections to storms, rain and air seemed interesting thematically. Others to address later when can see the full lists again and check some of the ones mentioned. Just, there is no "Scandinavian" language.

I Thought it was to good to be true lol its a shame it conjuncts my Moon.

Symbolic of the human soul falling as a rain drop to earth and then returning the celestial realm where transformation of fixed patterns from the past life can take place before the cycle resumes. I'm going to read over your aspects n give an interp later today, sorry I've been so busy! Please keep adding and let me know how these place in your charts! I love the asteroids about Heaven and Earth and Gods playground, they are quickly becoming my favorites!!

That's exciting! I love Heisei and Hubble conjunct Sun, the expanding universe is big part of who you are, I wonder do you feel that literally or spiritually? I would think with Heisei there it would be a large part of who you to desire peace in the highest form and go after that by using knowledge you obtain about our universe in an effort to help others feel peace inside and spread peace Kamu conjunct AC fits with an interest in the spiritual side regarding where it is our soul and God dwell since they are not physical beings.

Again with Hubble I love that! Do you feel driven to understand our universe, or do you feel this is a more spiritual placement with you and your driven to understand where the soul dwells outside of the physical body? Chiron and MC exact Asteroid stellium at degrees Taurus with Nuwa, Walhalla and Altjira I'm going to see what information I can find on Eurcharis to give a better understanding of what it is, if it's conjunct your Sun it's a very important part of who you are!

I'll look it up to see if it's related! I have a book that gives all the possible ways a name can relate, but then it also gives the astrological interpretation according to the study of that asteroid in charts I hope that makes sense?


I have Euphemia conjunct my NN, it's a beautiful n sad story!! Euphemia lived on the cusp of the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. According to tradition,she was the daughter of a senator named Philophronos and his wife Theodosia in Chalcedon, located across the Bosporus from the city of Byzantium modern-day Istanbul. According to Christian legend, the governor of Chalcedon, Priscus, had made a decree that all of the inhabitants of the city take part in sacrifices to the deity Ares.

Euphemia was discovered with forty-nine other Christians hiding in a house and worshipping the Christian God, in defiance of the governor's orders. Euphemia, the youngest among them, was separated from her companions and subjected to particularly harsh torments, including the wheel, in hopes of breaking her spirit. She was placed in the arena where lions were sent out to kill her but they refused, and, instead just licked her wounds.

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It is believed that she died of wounds from a wild bear in the arena. Did you grow up Christian? There is an asteroid Christian and Church, maybe checking those out also would be helpful? Maybe you were part of this in a past life and it's still a large part of your soul? The Eucharist has been a key theme in the depictions of the Last Supper in Christian art,[1] as in this 16th-century Juan de Juanes painting. It is reenacted in accordance with Jesus' instruction at the Last Supper, as recorded in several books of the New Testament, that his followers do in remembrance of him as when he gave his disciples bread, saying, "This is my body", and gave them wine saying, "This is my blood.

While all agree that there is no perceptible change in the elements, some believe that they actually become the body and blood of Christ, others believe in a "real" but merely spiritual presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and still others take the act to be only a symbolic reenactment of the Last Supper. A minority of Protestants view the Eucharist as an ordinance in which the ceremony is seen not as a specific channel of divine grace, but as an expression of faith and of obedience to Christ. In this sense, communicants that is, those who partake of the communion elements may speak of "receiving the Eucharist", as well as "celebrating the Eucharist".

I mean, cappy. How would Euphemia conjunct the Dsc play out though? And what of these other Centaurs Read about these predictions here. Lots of keywords to help you get a handle on using Chiron in charts. How do you find out where Chiron is now, or on your birthdate? What of the strange relationship Chiron has with Saturn and Uranus? If you want to be precise, don't overlook this section!

Chiron and Friends (Centaurs, Asteroids, Exoplanets)

What does it mean if Chiron is your Planet of Oriental Appearance? Is this true when Chiron is rising? Check out these photos of people born with Chiron close to the Ascendant, and tell me what you think. It includes a way to tell if it is going Stationary Retrograde or Stationary Direct.. Great tool for finding the approximate date of your Chiron Return see below. But what will it mean for you? Well, you should, because they are turning out to be major astrological influences. Have you heard about the other Centaurean bodies?

There may be as many as Centaurs found so far. How about Heracles or Damocles? These bodies are also proving to have astrological significance. And even more intriguing, do any of them share traits with other bodies in our solar system? Ixion gets almost as close to us as Pluto - is there a connection? And what type of connection does Amycus have with Halley's Comet, since they both travel about as far out?

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Some I've come up with, but there are a great many contributed by other researchers. Or suggest a name for any of the unnamed ones? I hope you'll read more about this. It turns out that they have a very interesting relationship astrologically, as well. Read about what was set in motion the last time these two Centaurs were conjunct. Are there really Centaurs with their own moons? Kelley Hunter shows us some interesting perspectives on the eternal healer, Chiron.

Morrison was definitely a friend of Chiron, but he was also studying the influence that Saturn's Rings have on us. You can read about that here. Morrison also had a vast knowledge about the Moon. Read a few of his thoughts here. Find out more about this body, officially named Albion.

Find out about the first two ever discovered, and see where they are today. And there is a link to send in your own keywords if you'd like to have them added. After Ellie Bach pioneered the use of those four, the late Al H. Cybele was a Phrygian goddess that the Greeks identified with Rhea as well. Since they both relate to Saturn's wife, could their chart positions also relate to Saturn in the chart?

The IAU keeps an updated list here.